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Open Source Software in C#

Open Source Aspect-Oriented Frameworks in C#

  • AspectSharp - Aspect# (pronunced as AspectSharp) is a free AOP ( Aspect Oriented Programming ) framework for the .NET Framework, it uses Dynamic Proxies and XML configuration files as basis.

Open Source Bloggers in C#

  • tBlogger - tBlogger provides a complete blog site written in C# with ASP.NET that uses XML as a backend.

Open Source Build Systems in C#

  • NAnt - NAnt is a Ant like build tool for .NET

Open Source Charting & Reporting Tools in C#

  • NChart - NChart provides a wealth of 2D charting for use in business, in education and at home.

Open Source Chat Servers in C#

Open Source Code Coverage Tools in C#

  • NCover - A test code coverage tool for C# .NET

Open Source Inversion of Control Containers in C#

  • StructureMap - StructureMap is a lightweight Inversion of Control (IoC) Container written in C# for .NET development. StructureMap can improve the architectural qualities of an object oriented .NET system by reducing the mechanical costs of good design techniques.

Open Source Forum Software in C#

  • YetAnotherForum - Yet Another Forum.net is a opensource discussion forum or bulletin board system for web sites running ASP.NET. It is ASP.NET based with a MS SQL backend database.

Open Source IDEs in C#

  • SharpDevelop - #develop (short for SharpDevelop) is a free IDE for C# and VB.NET projects on Microsoft's .NET platform.

Open Source Installers Generators in C#

  • NInstall - A project to produce an open source package that can compete with the commercial installer products

Open Source Issue Tracking Software in C#

  • BugBye - BugBye is a web-based bugtracking system developed using ASP.NET technology and C# as scripting language

Open Source Logging Tools in C#

  • log4net - log4net is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. log4net is a port of the excellent log4j framework to the .NET runtime. Features: * Support for multiple frameworks * Output to multiple logging targets * Hierarchical logging architecture * XML Configuration * Dynamic Configuration * Logging Context * Proven architecture * Modular and extensible design * High performance with flexibility

Open Source Network Clients in C#

  • OpenSmtp.net - OpenSmtp.net is an open source SMTP component written in C#

Open Source Network Servers in C#

  • CSharp Email Server - The C# Mail Server is a C# port of the Java Email Server (JES). JES is an established email server targeted at small centrally maintained installations.

Open Source PDF Libraries in C#

  • iTextSharp - iTextSharp is a library that allows you to generate PDF files on the fly.

Open Source Portals in C#

  • OmniPortal - OmniPortal was built on the idea of having a web-portal-kernel, that could handle security, theming, and localization.

Open Source Profilers in C#

  • NProfiler - An application profiler for .NET

Open Source Project Management Tools in C#

  • User Story.NET - This project is a tool for Extreme Programming projects in their User Story tracking.

Open Source RSS & RDF Tools in C#

  • RSS Bandit - A desktop news aggregator written in C#

Open Source Rule Engines in C#

  • NxBRE - NxBRE is the first open-source rule engine for the .NET platform and a lightweight Business Rules Engine (aka Rule-Based Engine)

Source Control Tools in C#

  • NetCvsLib - NetCvsLib is a CVS client written entirely in C# for the .NET platform. It is implemented as an assembly, and thus can easily be incorporated into other projects.

Open Source SQL Clients in C#

  • Database Commander - Database Commander is a database manager with user-friendly interface for Windows operation system.

Open Source Template Engines in C#

  • NVelocity - NVelocity is a .Net-based template engine. It permits anyone to use the simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in .Net code.

Open Source Testing Tools in C#

  • NUnit - NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. Initially ported from JUnit

Open Source Web Frameworks in C#

  • Maverick.NET - Maverick.NET is a .NET port of Maverick, a Model-View-Controller (aka \"Model 2\") framework for web publishing. It is a minimalist framework which focuses solely on MVC logic, allowing you to generate presentation using a variety of templating and transformation technologies.

Open Source Web Mail Clients in C#

  • SharpWebMail - SharpWebMail is an ASP.NET Web Mail application that is written in C#. It uses a POP3 server as the mailstore and sends mail through a SMTP. It is very simple to configure (Only a few settings in the web.config file). You can compose HTML messages, search your inbox, read complex mime messages and much more.

Open Source Web Testing Tools in C#

  • NUnitAsp - NUnitAsp is a tool for automatically testing ASP.NET web pages. It's an extension to NUnit. NUnitAsp is for unit testing ASP.NET code-behind only. It's meant for programmers, not QA teams, and it's not very good for QA-style acceptance tests. It only tests server-side logic. JavaScript and other client-side code is ignored.

Open Source Wiki Engines in C#

  • SushiWiki - SushiWiki is a WikiWikiWeb like Web application written in C#

Open Source Workflow Engines in C#

  • NetBPM - NetBpm is a .Net Port of JBpm. NetBpm is an open source platform for building, executing and managing workflows. It is very simple to use and integrate in other .Net applications. This Bpm Tool supports the build of Applications which are able to turn business models into executable software models. Business analysts are able to use a model driven approach to design, implement, execute and track business processes. So business people can easily react on business and strategy changes.

Open Source XML Parsers in C#

  • SAX.NET - SAX dot NET is a C# port of the original Java based SAX API specifications.