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Open Source Charting & Reporting Tools in C#


NChart provides a wealth of 2D charting for use in business, in education and at home.

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DaveChart is a free .NET charting library.

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Diagram.NET is a free .NET control to create and manipulate diagrams and flowcharts. Put Diagram.NET WinForm Control into your form and, like Microsoft Visio, the user can draw shapes and links. With some code you can control, change, add and delete these elements.

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NPlot is a free charting library for .NET. It boasts an elegant and flexible API. It is particularly well suited to graphing scientific data. It includes Web, Windows.Forms, Bitmap and Gtk# controls.

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The Netron graph library is a generic diagramming, graph-drawing and graph-layout kit for the Microsoft .Net framework written in C#. It allows you to create innovative and highly interactive applications with a minimum of coding in C#. It is fully open source and customizable via inheritance of the base classes. The shapes and functions you need of the node or links can be compiled in separated libraries and are dynamically loaded via the .Net reflection mechanism at run time.

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ZedGraph is a set of classes, written in C#, for creating 2D line and bar graphs of arbitrary datasets. The classes provide a high degree of flexibility -- almost every aspect of the graph can be user-modified. At the same time, usage of the classes is kept simple by providing default values for all of the graph attributes. The classes include code for choosing appropriate scale ranges and step sizes based on the range of data values being plotted. ZedGraph also includes a UserControl interface, allowing drag and drop editing within the Visual Studio forms editor, plus access from other languages such as C++ and VB

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fyiReporting RDL Project

The fyiReporting RDL Project is a powerful report and charting system based on Report Definition Language (RDL). Tabular, free form, matrix, charts are fully supported. Report output may be displayed as HTML, PDF, XML, .Net Control, Web Archive, and to a printer.

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WebChart Control

WebControl is a free chart component for asp.net AND winforms. WebControl for creating charts, that render as images(png, jpg, gif, etc). Supports: * Line Charts * Smooth Line Charts * Column Charts * Area Charts * Scattered Charts * Stacked Column Charts * Pie Charts * Stacked Area Charts

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EasyDiagram.net is an open-source diagramming component that you can use to build interactive, feature rich diagramming. EasyDiagram.net supports AJAX style events (OnNodeRepositioned, OnNodeDoubleClicked, etc) and utilizes a nifty trick to perform real-time line drawing with pure Javascript.

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GoogleChartSharp is a C# wrapper for the Google Charts API. GoogleChartSharp supports all API charts and features. The Google Chart API returns a PNG-format image in response to a URL. Several types of image can be generated: line, bar, and pie charts for example. For each image type you can specify attributes such as size, colors, and labels. You can include a Chart API image in a webpage by embedding a URL.

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