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Open Source Web Frameworks in C#


Maverick.NET is a .NET port of Maverick, a Model-View-Controller (aka \"Model 2\") framework for web publishing. It is a minimalist framework which focuses solely on MVC logic, allowing you to generate presentation using a variety of templating and transformation technologies.

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MaverickLite is a simple presentation framework for ASP.Net. It is based in part on the Maverick.Net framework. It prescribes to a front controller pattern for handling incoming requests and an MVC one for processing them.

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Websharp is a lightweight application framework for Microsoft Dot Net.

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Porting of Jakarta Struts framework in ASP.NET

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Thycotic.RemoteScripting is a library to execute server side ASP.NET code from client-side Javascript. This library ports Microsoft's Remote Scripting functionality from ASP to ASP.NET. Features: * AJAX style functionality for a more interactive experience. * Port your legacy classic ASP Remote Scripting code to ASP.NET. * Drop in replacement for the rs.asp file from classic ASP. * Supports string input parameters to your server side methods. * Supports return type conversion of bool, string, DateTime, numbers (int/double/long/float) or Arrays of these types to Javascript. * Supports use of RSGetASPObject to get client proxy object.

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MonoRail differs from the standard WebForms way of development as it enforces separation of concerns; controllers just handle application flow, models represent the data, and the view is just concerned about presentation logic. Consequently, you write less code and end up with a more maintainable application

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Ingenious MVC

A .NET 2.0 framework for building MVC architected applications. Comes with out-of-the-box support for ASP.NET and Windows Forms.

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Jayrock is a modest and an open source implementation of JSON and JSON-RPC for the .NET Framework, including ASP.NET. Using Jayrock, clients like JavaScript in web pages, can call into server-side ASP.NET methods using JSON as the wire format and JSON-RPC as the procedure invocation protocol.

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Visual WebGui

Visual WebGui is a new aproch for developing AJAX applications that lets you develop in WinForms like server side API (including designtime support) to create a full AJAX enabled highly complex applications like outlook web access.

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ProMesh.NET is an MVC web application framework with built-in Ajax support, integrated testing framework and HTML-based template engine. Features: * Lightweight (<100KB) framework running on top of the ASP.NET HTTP pipeline (HttpHandler) * Controller-based for easy implementation of the MVC pattern * Flexible template-based rendering engine (using pure HTML files) * Very powerful integrated testing framework for running unit tests on your web pages * Easy mapping of parameters and other client data to typed method parameters and class members * Flexible and easy to use form generation and postback handling * Built-in Ajax support. JavaScript method stubs are generated by the framework. Just call your server-side .NET methods from client-side JavaScript as if you were running them on the server. * Integrated logging and profiling * Optional integration with the CoolStorage.NET ORM library * Built for performance

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Spring.NET is an application framework focused on helping build enterprise .NET applications. It provides a wide range of functionality such as Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), data access abstractions, and ASP.NET integration. Based on the Spring Framework for Java, the core concepts and values found in Spring.Java have been applied to .NET.

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Gaia Ajax Widgets

Gaia Ajax Widgets is an ASP.NET Ajax Framework for easy creating Ajax Solutions. No need to use JavaScript and no learning curve. It works with both Mono and .NET 2.0. Gaia is a very lightweight bandwidth citizen, rather than throwing heavy HTML around, it sends small bursts of commands between client and server, updating the DOM as needed. Gaia also plays nicely with other tools, and you can mix and match it with other AJAX frameworks too.

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Creuna Platform

Creuna Platform is a an open source web application framework based on Microsoft .NET and is fully written in C#. The aim for Creuna Platform is to make life easier for system developers by providing a highly competent component toolkit that increases the productivity and quality of a system. The framework contains components for data access, configuration handling, messaging and a broad range of utility classes, controls and services. The framework also has several components for the EPiServer CMS. Creuna Platform is licensed under Affero GNU General Public License Version 3.

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